Being a good developer in BCB requires that you remember you are a developer rather than a programmer - which is to say that you have responsibility for much more than the excellence of developed code. You are also responsible for the excellence of the design of the software and databases, the user interface, and for the reusability and maintainability of the result. And of course, an understanding and appreciation of the business context of your development effort is essential.

Being A Better C++ Builder Developer by Mark Cashman

Developer 應該要比 Programmer 看的更廣,更能綜觀全局。就我的觀察,大部分的 programmer 都太過侷限於自己熟悉的領域,甚少花時間去拓展自己專業知識的廣度,造成的結果就是對於許多問題的解決都採取了不恰當的方式, 所謂『不洽當』指的是『就長期與通盤的考量而言,並非最佳』。

作者在這篇文章中對於 program design、UI design、及 database design 提出許多中肯及實用的建議;然而要做到這樣的程度,你需要的是『經驗』及『品味』。