Eric Sink 在《Geeks Rule and MBAs Drool》中提出的這些論點真的是說進我的心坎裡:

Virtually all decisions in a small ISV should be made with the involvement of technology person.

The skills of a developer are applicable to many other tasks besides coding.

Companies should not be afraid to let developers get involved in activities other than software construction.

Developers should work very hard to remember that the world does not revolve around them.

Joel 之前在《Rick Chapman is In Search of Stupidity》也曾提出相同的看法。我認為這種 developer-centric 的文化是判斷一家軟體公司是否會成功的關鍵,至少全世界最大的軟體公司 Microsoft 就是個實例。然而真正困難的地方是:隨著公司組織的成長與擴張,保持這種精神不被稀釋。如果在你的軟體公司裡,programmers 的角色往往是沉默聽令的一群,或者意見總是無法上達天聽,如同 Joel 的建議,趕快準備履歷換公司吧。