“C++ Internals” Jim Hogg, Stan Lippman, Bob Davidson, Brandon Bray This is the talk that only the C++ Product Unit could give, and they’re here to give it. While understanding the internals of C++ is fascinating from a purely intellectual perspective, the Visual C++ team has found the set of internal knowledge that will also help you become the expert C++ developer. This talk will cover issues such as the C++ object model (managed and unmanaged), the complexity of app domains when the whole world is not managed, performance internals, and much much more.

今天改變主意去聽 C++ Internals 這個 session,但結果真是讓人失望。第一、主題太繁雜沒有重點,第二、主講人的表達技巧有待加強,第三、我的時差嚴重地發作,自從學校畢業後還是第一次要聽課又很想打瞌睡。

結果呢,我只好跳槽去聽最後一段的 “Framework Design Guidelines”,內容還不錯,真是後悔選錯了課程,結束後當然就是直接衝回旅館睡大覺。